Under 21? UO has AlcoholEdu for you

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Log in to learn: All new University of Oregon students under 21 must take a two-part online alcohol education course.

EUGENE, Ore. - This September, 4,200 new students will enter the University of Oregon.

Everyone under 21, both freshmen and transfers, will have to take a two-phase online program.

The University is starting a new alcohol education program to help incoming students learn how to handle alcohol responsibly called AlcoholEdu for college.

"It's meant to go through and assess where they're at with their knowledge of alcohol and how it affects the body, the mind," said Jennifer Summers, who works in substance prevention and student success at Oregon.

Summers said each portion will take no more than 2 hours to complete.

"It's a very unique program that's very personalized and gives a lot of feedback based on where they're at," Summers said.

KVAL News asked: Why target new students that are under 21 and not all students?

The University said new students are the most vulnerable when it comes to alcohol use.

Students had mixed reactions to the new program.

"In high school the drinking scene was a lot more calm," said Adam Green, sophomore, "and in college it accelerates a lot obviously. Any awareness that can be spread about it is not a bad thing for sure."

"I think that it would be kind of boring honestly," said Katie Park, senior, "but in the long run it could help them."

"It's one part in the grand comprehensive strategies for making sure that this is a healthy, safe campus here for our students," Summers said.

New students will be notified through email about taking phase one of the program before school starts.

If students don't complete the program, there names will be sent to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.