America's oldest blood donor lives in Oregon

America's oldest blood donor lives in Oregon

NORTH BEND, Ore. - Willard Hayne gave blood for the first time in his late 20s and received $15 for his donation.

He has been giving blood ever since.

And since there is no age limit on blood donors in Oregon, he keeps on giving.

That dedication recently earned him the honor of being recognized as the nation's oldest blood donor by the American Red Cross.

Hayne, who was born Feb. 17, 1913, remains in good health. So long as he continues to pass the health screening, he can keep on giving blood.

"I'm on blood pressure pills, and I try to schedule them so I'll pass the test," he said. "I think it does so much good for folks who really need a blood transfusion."

A visit from Hayne brightens up the day of Red Cross volunteers.

"When we see his name on there we all go, "Oh good, Willard is coming in today. Hope things go well for him, and anxious to see how he is doing,' " said Red Cross Supervisor Elaine Graves. "He always seems to come in with a smile on his face. He's ready and anxious to contribute to the blood supply in his local community."

This week he received the go ahead to donate his 139th unit of blood.

"It's really exciting to see someone his age continue to donate and see that they have such a worth while cause they can participate in, even at their age" Graves said.

From the age of sixteen and up, Hayne encourages others to donate.