Police: Massive 'Spice' operation busted in Boise

Police: Massive 'Spice' operation busted in Boise

BOISE, Idaho - Police seized more than 30,000 jars of Spice, which were ready for sale, and arrested four people, the Boise Police Department said Friday.

Officials served three search warrants and arrested the four on Thursday on numerous felony charges related to a large-scale manufacture and sales operation of the illegal drug "Spice."

Officers found thousands of containers of "Twizted Potpourri" packaged for sale at a warehouse and retail store, multiple bags of loose plant, chemicals, flavoring, acetone, scales and packaging, which are all used in the production of Spice.

"We have cases locally where people have suffered very serious health consequences after using Spice," said Sgt. Mike Harrington. "The drug was made illegal in Idaho last year and when we hear about somebody selling the drug, we'll take that very seriously."

Spice is a street name for a substance manufactured using a variety of chemicals with effects similar to THC, the checmical found in marijuana.

"People need to know we will enforce laws outlawing Spice just like we do with other illegal drugs," Harrington said.

Boise Police say they arrested Morgan C. Alley, 24, Tashina M. Alley, 22, Charlynda L. Goggin, 21, and Cadee Jo Peterson, 22. All are from Boise and face several felony charges.