Beaver eggs fetch higher price than Duck

Beaver eggs fetch higher price than Duck

CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Ads in the Daily Emerald seeking egg donors offer University of Oregon women $4,000.

The same ads in the Daily Barometer offer Oregon State students $5,000.

And according to a new Georgia Tech study, fertility clinics offer women at Ivy League schools up to $50,000 to become egg donors.

The current standards adopted by American Society for Reproductive Medicine call for fees no higher than $5,000 without justification, according to the study. Sums over $10,000 are not considered appropriate by the ASRM.

But the Georgia Tech study found that ads in one-quarter of the 300 college newspapers sampled offered over $10,000 for egg donations.

For the most part, the higher the average SAT score, the higher the pay.

So why do women at OSU rate $1,000 more than women at the UO?

The study found an average increase of 100 SAT points increased the offer to egg donors at a school by more than $2,000 dollars.

But Department of Education statistics show the UO with higher average SAT scores than OSU. Oregon ranked 211th among research universities; Oregon State ranked 218th.

KVAL News went to Corvallis on Thursday to ask OSU students why they thought Beaver eggs were worth more than a Duck.