Portland sandwich one of nation's 50 fattiest foods

Portland sandwich one of nation's 50 fattiest foods

PORTLAND, Ore. - A popular food cart in Portland serves up one of the 50 fattiest foods in the nation, according to Health.com.

The "Redonkadonk" is a meaty, cheesy, greasy burger piled high with ham, bacon, cheese, eggs and even Spam all tucked inside thicker-than-normal Texas Toast bread that's been grilled with cheese in the middle. That's right. Two whole grilled cheese sandwiches made with Texas Toast are used place of buns.

And the fat content is as high as the stacked burger. The beef patty has 13 grams of fat. Each cheese slice loads 5 grams of fat - and remember, it's not just on the burger but in the grilled cheese buns as well - 3 grams of fat per slice of bacon and 15 grams of fat per serving of Spam.

If you think the Redonkadonk looks tasty, you can have your very own taste at the BrunchBox food cart at SW Fifth and Stark.

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