Caught on camera: Eugene boy hangs from side of school bus

Caught on camera: Eugene boy hangs from side of school bus »Play Video
A still frame from the video sent to KVAL News

EUGENE, Ore. - A bystander shot video of a middle school student hanging from the outside of a school bus as it drives away from a stop in Eugene.

Now the Bethel School District where the incident happened is investigating to get to the bottom of it.

A copy of the video was sent to KVAL News on Thursday. Out of concern for the safety of the boy and other students, KVAL News shared the video with district officials.

The video shows a group of middle school students egging the boy on to run after the moving bus, jump onto it and hang from an open window as the bus drives away.

The person who sent the video told KVAL News that the second time the boy tried the stunt, he made it three blocks before falling off and injuring himself.

The extent of his injuries is not known. KVAL News spoke to the boy's mother on Thursday, and she said he will recover from those injuries.

A Bethel School District official said he would have no comment until an investigation determines what exactly happened.

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