Germs: The Filthy Truth

Germs: The Filthy Truth

CORVALLIS, Ore. - Oregon State senior Josh Alinger is going in several different directions at once - and touching quite a few surfaces in the process.

"I touch a lot of surfaces every day," Alinger said. "Over 100, probably. Probably more than that.

"The things that I touch the most are probably my phone, and my pens," he said.

He considers himself to be fairly sanitary. "I do make a habit of using hand sanitizer when I wash my hands," he said.

But Alinger thinks twice before using the public computer "just because multiple people use it, and you don't necessarily think about when you're using a public keyboard, to wash your hands before and after."

As for the restroom, it may not be clean as a whistle, but Alinger thinks it comes closer than a keyboard or iPhone.

"I mean it gets cleaned with all sorts of detergents and soaps," he said.

So then what is the filthiest item of them all? KVAL News took samples from items Alinger routinely touches Oregon State's microbiology lab.

While Alinger is curious to see the results, he's a bit nervous about getting to the bottom of the filthy truth.
"I don't necessarily want to know what's growing on those," he said.