'If we have less people die of cancer, this study will be successful'

'If we have less people die of cancer, this study will be successful'

EUGENE, Ore. -- People in Lane County are representing Oregon in a 25-year long cancer prevention study by giving blood samples and filling out questionnaires.

The American Cancer Society’s study, called Cancer Prevention Study 3, looks at factors like genetics, environment and lifestyle. Researchers say that all three can affect cancer, and they hope that their work can lead to better prevention measures.

Steve Auferoth, Health and Fitness coordinator for the City of Eugene, participated in the study on Thursday. 

“There's going to be 1,600 that are going to die today, 1,600 died yesterday and 1,600 are going to die tomorrow of cancer,” Auferoth said.

He and nearly 100 others came out to Fit City Wellness Center to sign up for CPS-3. | How to participate in the study

Volunteers working the national study ask that participants are 30-65 years old and be cancer-free. While it isn't a requirement, many participants said they have family members who have battled cancer.

“We get a lot of people ... their family has experienced cancer and they are wanting to make a difference,” said Pat Cookson, a member of the American Cancer Society.

The initial samples and tests are just the start, Cookson said. CPS-3 will track participants for the next 25 years with follow-up questionnaires.

Hopefully they are going to find out exactly what … we need to do to make sure we reduce risk for developing cancer in the future,” Auferoth said. “If we have less people die of cancer each year, then this study will be successful.”