Living on borrowed time: 'There's a plan for my life'

Living on borrowed time: 'There's a plan for my life'

EUGENE, Ore. - Doctors told Dave Williams three life-altering words: You have cancer.

Two types of cancer, in fact.

And worse: You have through the weekend to live.

That was 3 years ago.

"Honestly, God has my back," said Williams, a youth pastor at University Fellowship, "and with that I feel good about things, and I just know there's a plan for my life, there's a plan with all this."

Williams is still living with cancer.

"But it's been three years, which is great, right?!" he said. "For me I mean I realize I'm living on borrowed time and so I want to make as much of an impact with kids as I can because I realize life is short and so things that used to matter don't matter so much anymore and helping people is high on my list right now."

Williams dropped his money-making jobs and turned to giving back, as a youth pastor and at Hosea Youth Services.

"I realized wow I have been living for the wrong things and if I were to die what would be they say then? Oh he's a nice guy, oh he owned a couple of businesses," Williams said, "and you know when I leave today and when I eventually pass, at least I know there are some people who have better lives because I was a part of it."

He said the hardest part is knowing he may not be around to walk his daughter down the aisle or watch his son become a man.

Despite the uncertain end looming in the future, he keeps a positive mind.

"I just tell them: you know the bottom line is let's just enjoy the moments we've got," he said, "and they're all treasured and on borrowed time so let's just enjoy them together."