Chef loses 145 lbs: 'It's been a complete 180 degree change'

Chef loses 145 lbs: 'It's been a complete 180 degree change'

EUGENE, Ore. - Scott Trempe lost 145 pounds over the last 17 months.

He will celebrate his accomplishment with another one: running in the Eugene Marathon.

"I just started running about a year ago, for no good reason," said Trempe, 41, outside the Sigma Chi fraternity house where he works as a chef. "And now here I am."

Trempe said he will be running a half marathon at the Eugene Marathon this Sunday.

This will be Trempe's fourth half marathon, but he said he did not lose most of the weight by running.

"I went down to the bike store and picked myself up a good road bike," said Trempe.

In addition to cycling and running, Trempe said he shed all the pounds by changing his diet.

"It's been a complete 180 degree change," said Trenpe, who admitted he used to binge eat to relax after work.

At his heaviest Trempe said he weighed about 350 pounds. Now around 210 pounds, he said people he hasn't seen in a year don't even recognize him.

"I was in denial," said Trempe. "I didn't even know how bad I felt until now."

Trempe said he did all the research online and built himself a meal plan and taught himself how to cycle and run.

Trempe said his long term goal is to complete the full Eugene Marathon at a Boston Marathon qualifying time.

"It may take me more than a year," he said, "but I'll get there."