Sacred Heart gets new surgical robot: 'It actually talks to you'

Sacred Heart gets new surgical robot: 'It actually talks to you'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- The surgical team at Sacred Heart in Springfield has a new, highly advanced surgical robot to help them with life-saving procedures.

"It actually talks to you, which is very fancy,” said Dr. Charles Anderson.

Sacred Heart at Riverbend is the first hospital on the west coast to get the latest da Vinci Xi surgical robot, with only about a dozen in the United States.

Wilson says the Xi will change the way patients come in and out of surgery.

“If there's much less pain, much less scaring, the recovery is typically quicker. And there's typically less chance for infection. The patients just feel better and they return to work quicker,” said Aaron Wilson, a hospital spokesperson.

Before the upgrade, surgeons had to manually adjust and reposition their previous robot during surgical procedures. The Xi offers a greater range of motion and versatility.

“Patients are going to be able to have minimally invasive surgery. Patients that have disease in their pelvis or upper abdomen. We can do both surgeries without having to reposition the port sites,” said Anderson.

About 400 the nearly 16,000 surgical procedures performed each year at Sacred Heart use a da Vinci surgical robot.

“I don't think a robot will ever be independently performing surgery because every surgery's different and anatomy's different and the situations different every time,” said Anderson.