10 Barrel Bonk: Flips, spins and hand plants on snow

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During the 10 Barrel Bonk Competition at Mt. Bachelor, a skier spins over the barrels. Photo by Amos Horn

BEND, Ore. - There was barely a cloud in the sky at Mount Bachelor. By noon the temperature was up to 60 degrees, a live band was playing, people were sitting outside enjoying the sun, and the 10 Barrel Bonk competition was just getting under way.

Both snowboarders and skiers were at the top of the terrain park looking down on the feature they were about to hit: Three barrels were stacked up directly after a jump, making it easy for the competitors to tap their skies or snowboard on the barrel before landing.

With everybody in position, the competition began.

Quickly a precedent was set for the skill level of the competitors. Right off the starting blocks, snowboarders and skiers were doing flips, spins and hand plants over the barrels. The competition, being set up in jam format, offered every competitor to get as many runs in as they could.

Jam format means there are no set turns. A person goes whenever there is an opening, and can go as many times as they can hike back up the hill before the competition ends.

With the competition lasting a full hour, the competitors were able to get in a large number of runs, and thus able to showcase their best tricks.

By the end of the competition, 10 finalists had been picked out, and from those 10, a first, second, and third place was given.

The 10 Barrel Bonk competition was part of Mt. Bachelor’s “Springtacular” series, where every weekend during the spring a different event will be featured in order to get people up to the mountain and enjoy the sun.