10 detained after deputies use pepper rounds, flash-bang

10 detained after deputies use pepper rounds, flash-bang

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- Deputies used pepper rounds and flash-bang explosives to detain ten people inside a Glenwood-area apartment Sunday morning, the Lane County Sheriff's Office said. Officials said the incident started after they received reports of "an attempted assault and firearms-related crimes" in the area.

9-1-1 operators got a call at around 4:30 a.m. Sunday from someone reporting an attempted assault in the 4500 block of Franklin Blvd., Lane County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Denham said. Officials added a gun could've been fired in connection with the attempted assault call.

People at the scene said that the suspects involved in the attempted assault were inside an apartment building.

After deputies and responding state police troopers tried to contact those inside the apartment, the sheriff's office called out its armored military surplus vehicles to help deal with the situation.

Deputies reported firing several pepper rounds into the apartment in the hopes of having the suspects surrender. 

Officials said ten people were taken from the house and detained.

One of those detained was arrested on outstanding warrants and lodged in the Lane County Jail. Deputy Denham said the Sheriff's office cited the other subjects inside the residence for alcohol-related offenses.

They are still looking into the initial attempted assault complaint. Investigators are also handling possible unlawful use of a firearm, menacing and assault IV charges related to the incident.

This is a developing story, updates will be posted when they become available.