Eugene-made electric car almost ready for public

Eugene-made electric car almost ready for public »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore. -- Behind an unassuming storefront in the Whiteaker neighborhood, savvy technicians are rebooting the way people drive.

A company called Arcimoto is developing electric cars that you may see it on the road very soon.

Company president Mark Frohnmayer and his engineers have been working on this for two and a half years.

The Arcimoto Pulse has two seats and three wheels. Frohnmayer is banking on a good-sized market for the Pulse. Frohnmayer said they plan to build thre lines of the Pulse from 40 up to 160 miles of driving range. 

KVAL News put the car to the test at the overflow parking lot at the Eugene Airport.  Reporter Tom Adams said any doubts about acceleration quickly ended.

"Well it's going to cost less than a normal vehicle," said Frohnmayer. "It's going to cost less to operate.

A network of charging stations will soon come to Eugene. There are similar ones in Portland.

"It's coming," Eugene Parking Services Manager Jeff Petry said. "We're trying to lay out the scope. It's going to be here October, November, December."

Frohnmayer said he's confident he'll round up enough investors to start producing the pulse for early 2011, the same time that major auto makers will be rolling out their E-V cars. 

The retail price on the Arcimoto Pulse will be $17,500. Other E-V cars will be a lot more expensive, like the $41,000 price tag for the Chevy Volt.