Brother helped FBI find 'Waldo' bandit suspect in Eugene

image of the
An image of the "Where's Waldo bandit from the bank's surveillance camera.

TUALATIN, Ore. - The brother of the "Where's Waldo Bandit" tipped off the FBI on where to look for his brother, who was taken into custody after seeking treatment at a Eugene, Ore., hospital.

Police said the bandit robbed a Tualatin bank, threatened he had explosives and left items behind that had everyone running for cover - until it turned out his backpack merely held the sweater from his story-book disguise.

The suspect's brother, radio host Noah Homsley, told the FBI where they should be looking for the high-profile robbery suspect.

Noah Homsley told the FBI to look at area hospitals to find his brother. And that is exactly where law enforcement found him on Friday.

Homsley, who works on KUFO's morning show, pleaded over the air this past week for Ryan - who he said has been battling a drug addiction the past few years - to turn himself in.

It only took a few days for authorities to track Ryan down at a hospital.

However, Noah tells us the hospital was in Eugene. No word as to why his brother, 29-year-old Ryan Homsley, ended up 110 miles south of his Portland home. Noah said he has no idea how Ryan was even able to get down to the Eugene area.

Noah confirmed his brother is diabetic and has been known to let his insulin levels get dangerously low. He said that is why Ryan has been admitted to the emergency room.

However, it's once inside the hospital that Noah says Ryan tries to take advantage of the system.

Noah said Ryan will "try to manipulate the situation and try to get more prescription drugs." Noah said he gained that perspective "just from knowing him and from what I've been told."

Nonetheless, Noah said he was shocked to learn that his brother was a suspect the Key Bank branch in an upscale-shopping district this past week. And he said he hopes this will be the turning point that makes Ryan realize he needs to get some help.