West Lane Co. Commission race 2010: Jay Bozievich

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Jay Bozievich

ELMIRA, Ore. - Civil engineer Jay Bozievich is looking for a new job - and a pay cut.

The man from Elmira wants to be a Lane County Commissioner.  His campaign signs call for "a new direction."

So KVAL News asked: Where?

"A new direction towards a more business friendly climate," Bozievich said, "and new direction towards controlling our spending to protect our core services."

Bozievich, 52, has been an engineer with the Eugene Water and Electric Board since 1997. With his wife, he runs a home-based publishing business.

Bozievich also spent 4 years on the LCC college board.

He's also been a tea party activist. But that's not the main reason he's running.

"I kind of got involved in the 'fund the jail' effort when the commissioners were going to fund 5 personal assistants but they were not going to fund the 84 jail beds," he said.

With federal payments to counties drying up and renewal hardly a sure thing, Bozievich said county spending must be slashed.

"Specifically I would like to try and get as much of our public safety to survive that process, keeping our jail beds open," he said.

That could mean the county partly-privatizes some services, like the county fairgrounds. 

"I think it's a great asset for the county, but I would definitely look for ways of trying to make that facility run a little bit better and it may be in a partial-privatization plan," Bozievich said.

He would also lobby the feds to allow more logging on timber lands to boost timber receipt revenue to the county.

"But if I have to make a choice between a functioning public safety system and closing a park, I think I'm going to have to choose the functioning public safety system," he said. | More Campaign 2010 News