Robinson to DeFazio: 'You are a dishonorable liar'

Robinson to DeFazio: 'You are a dishonorable liar' »Play Video
Art Robinson gives his opponent Peter DeFazio a 'thumbs-down' during a candidate's forum on Monday.

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- It was a sellout crowd at the Douglas County Fairgrounds for the Roseburg Chamber of Commerce debate Monday afternoon, with everyone wanting to hear from all of the candidates for the 4th Congressional District.

There were several supporters of democratic incumbent Peter DeFazio, as well as several for the republican challenger Art Robinson.

They were also joined by a green party candidate Mike Beilstein of Corvallis.

Topics that were brought up ranged from social security to timber issues, and the hotly contested health care bill.

Robinson spoke against the health care bill and his opponent's vote, saying, "The record of government, I think speaks for itself. 300 new bureaucracies who will decide who will be sick and who will be well, who will live and who will die. That is not compatible with a free country."

DeFazio defended his Yes vote on the health care bill, saying he made Medicare for Oregonians more fair, as well as not allowing insurance companies to take advantage of people. "Have you ever been to your doctor when they want a procedure, and they say, "Oh well, we got to have someone call the insurance company to get that procedure?" Do you know anyone who has ever gotten their policy cancelled because they got sick? It's a dirty little thing called rescission, the industry has done it, that is now outlawed," said DeFazio.

The debate did get testy at certain points, when Robinson complained several times that the event was not opened to the public, and some of his supporters were turned away because the event was only for chamber members and their guests.

There was also a heated moment during DeFazio's closing remarks, when he made accusations about Robinson's record. Robinson interrupted him, saying DeFazio was taking it out of context.

They both called each other liars, and there were cheers and boos from the crowd.

After the debate, as he walked away from the table, Robinson let DeFazio know how he felt. Neither of them seemed to realize the mic was still on as Robinson told DeFazio, "Let me tell you something, you are a dishonorable liar."

DeFazio replied. "Sir, you're pathological."