You decide: DeFazio or Robinson for Congress?

You decide: DeFazio or Robinson for Congress? »Play Video

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Democrat Peter DeFazio was first elected to congress in 1986.

In 24 years, he's served in both the minority party and in the majority.

"You know, I've been engaged in a lot of fights over the years with presidents in my own party, the other party, leaders of my own party, leaders of the other party," the Springfield Democrat said.

Voters have re-elected DeFazio 11 times.

Republican Art Robinson aims to keep it that way.

Robinson is running a high-profile campaign trying to unseat the incumbent.

"Only one solution: get the government off our backs so that we can get our country moving again," said Robinson, a research scientist and educator who has never been elected to office before, "and unfortunately the policy in Washington now, as supported by my opponent, is more government, and I think we need less government or else we are not going to revive our economy."

The campaign has turned into a bitter battle, boiling over this week in Roseburg.

A third candidate in the race is Mike Beilstein, a long-time Corvallis city councilor running as the Pacific Green candidate.

He doesn't give himself a chance of winning.

"I consider my campaign, the campaign of all greens for Congress in Oregon and in the U.S., as really part of the anti-war movement," he said. "The Democrats could have ended the war in Iraq and Afghanistan from 2006 when they had control of Congress, and they haven't, and if you are sincerely against these international wars the U.S. is conducting, you have no right voting Republican or Democrat."

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