Campaign 2010: Robinson the GOP nominee for Congress

Campaign 2010: Robinson the GOP nominee for Congress »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore.- The central theme of Art Robinson's campaign for the 4th Congressional district seat held by Rep. Peter DeFazio?

"Get the government off our backs so that we can get our country moving again," the Republican from Cave Junction, Ore., said.

"The great decision our country is making now is whether we will remain a constitutional republic or will turn toward socialism and progressivism," said Robinson, a scientists and university educator. "I think that's a very important decision, and we should preserve our liberty. We shouldn't turn down this big government track."

Robinson blames big government for the nation's economic crisis and the high unemployment rate.

"They have to roll back the taxation and regulation that is stifling our businesses and industries," he said. "Our businesses and industries are losing capital due to government action, and this results in less employment and less prosperity."

Robinson said he wants public school's to be returned to local control.

"When they were locally controlled, they were the best in the world," he said. "Now under central control from the politicians, bureaucrats and special interests in Washington, we now have our students on academic tests rate almost last in the Western world, and Oregon's almost last in the United States."

He said the government has hurt Oregon's economy by limiting access to the state's natural resources.

"Whether it's water, hydrocarbons, mining, logging, fishing - everywhere we look we have government bureaucrats who don't consider those things public property, they consider them government property," he said.

He has never been elected to an office, and to robinson, that's a good thing.    

"I think not having been there is an advantage to the voters because they need more of ordinary people there and fewer people who think mostly politically," he said.