Nine month old attacked by pit bull

Nine month old attacked by pit bull
A nine month old girl is recovering after being attacked by a pit bull.
The family is thankful Elise is going to be ok - and they say even at a young age she's already showing her strength.

It's tough for L.J. Donaldson to imagine what happened to his daughter Elise Monday night. That's when a six-year-old pit bull name Loci bit her repeatedly on her face while she sat in the family's living room in Brownsville.

"I think she probably just used him for a ladder basically you know climbed on him and maybe stepped on his foot or something like that but she was in no way being mean to the dog," says L.J. Donaldson, Elsie's father.

Elise was rushed to sacred heart hospital in eugene where she was treated for her injuries. Doctors had to insert several hundred stitches...the most serious injuries were to her mouth, having almost a third of her tongue lost during the attack.

Just as would happen in any similar situation the dog is now with Linn County authorities.

"We seized the dog as probable cause as we believe it to be a dangerous animal, we seized the animal," Captain Bruce Riley of the Linn County Sheriff's Office. For the last two months Loci's and his owner had been staying with the Donaldson's in Brownsville, and everytime before has gotten along with young kids.

"He's an awesome dog in now way do I want people to think Loci is a terrible vicious dog, because he isn't," says Donaldson.

The Donaldson's say it was a tough decision, but they've decided to have the dog put down. They say they didn't want to take the risk of this happening again to somebody else.