Decreasing snow levels could hit valley floor

Decreasing snow levels could hit valley floor
Viewer picture capturing snow covered hills above Tenmile, in Douglas County


A number of winter weather warnings, storm warnings and weather advisories by the National Weather Service--predicting lowering snow levels into Sunday's overnight hours.

A Winter Storm Warning for Central, Oregon until 7 a.m. Tuesday, as snow has already begun to impact road conditions, creating hazardous driving weather for motorists. Parts of Redmond could see snow likely between 5-7 inches.

In South and Central Willamette Valley expect conditions to get cooler. Temperatures should drop to the mid 30's this week with the best potential for snow hitting the valley floor late Sunday night and Monday. Snow levels should drop between 1,000-1,500 feet Sunday night, but heavier showers could pull snow levels even further to 500 feet. Cold rain showers will continue, especially along the coast with some scattered snow mixed into rain at times overnight.

A Winter Weather Advisory for Lane County foothills, Sweet Home, Cottage Grove, the Central Coast Range, and Central Douglas County until 4 to 10 a.m. Monday morning. 2-4" of additional snow expected for the Coast Range and foothills. In Oakridge and Lane County Cascades 3-7" of snow likely tonight. In the Umpqua Basin, look for anywhere from 1-3" of snow overnight in Central Douglas County. Snow levels around 2,000 feet early Sunday evening, decreasing from 1,500 to 1,000 feet into the overnight hours. Look for higher elevations of Interstate 5 to be impacted the most.

Bottom line, the National Weather Service said snow could "absolutely" hit the valley floor, but don't expect it to stick. The best chance of snow in lower valley elevations would come with a mixture of scattered rain.

The National Weather Service warns motorists to be prepared now for "winter-like" driving conditions.

They recommend:

- Carrying chains or snow tires when traveling through upper elevations (most passes already recommending or requiring chains)

- Be prepared. Have an emergency kit with you at all times

- Slow down speeds. Decreasing temperatures and scattered rainfall create a breeding ground for slick roads and black ice

- Use basic driving precautions

Know before you go! You can check road conditions or chain requirements here.

Wondering when you'll see snow? Scattered snowfall will depend on your elevations. Find yours!

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