Police think infant's body could be in landfill

Police think infant's body could be in landfill »Play Video
Angelica May Swartout

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- The family of 23-year-old Angelica May Swartout told police that the artistic, musical young lady was happy to be pregnant.

“She wasn’t excited about the pregnancy in the beginning,” said Springfield Police Department Sgt. David Lewis. “But in the latter part of the pregnancy she was quite excited about having a child.”
But police said Swartout’s pregnancy came and went without a baby. According to Springfield police, Swartout reached full-term pregnancy in mid-October when she went into labor, but she told her family that the child was still-born.
According to a SPD affidavit, on Oct. 18 Swartout went into labor and delivered a baby boy. Police said Swartout went into labor while at work alone at Crossland Economy Studios in Springfield.
Police said she gave birth in the employee washroom, then wrapped the live baby in a dirty bed sheet from the laundry room and smothered him until she was sure he was dead. Police said she then disposed of the body in the dumpster outside of the motel.
But that day Swartout told her family a different story. Swartout told police she sent a text message to her sister when she arrived at work and told her sister that she was at the hospital to deliver the baby. She told her sister that doctors had determined that the child had no heartbeat and was going to induce labor.
Police said Swartout returned home that night and told her sister the story about the stillborn and sent her a text message photo of a dead baby she found on the Internet and claimed the child was her baby.
Police allege Swartout had considered murdering her child when it was born several weeks before she gave birth.
Police said prior to the birth, Swartout had researched stillbirth babies and symptoms associated with various pregnancy maladies.
Police said Swartout kept up the lie for about two months before her family approached SPD on Tuesday. Police quickly began their investigation by questioning Swartout. Through their investigation they learned of how she had killed the baby and disposed of him in a trash bin.
Police said given the time that has passed since Swartout placed the infant in the trash bin, they have not been able to find the body.
Police said they will begin to assess the feasibility of conducting a search at the Lane County landfill.
Family members said their primary concern is finding the body and to give the baby a proper burial.