Company creates first official Duck golf club

Company creates first official Duck golf club

TEMPE, Ariz. -- DnA Golf signed a licensing agreement with the University of Oregon this week to provide custom UO team logos on its alpha 610 driver.

DnA manufactures the only patented detachable-face driver, a concept started with BMW 8 years ago.

"So BMW in 2002 challenged us to adapt our technology to make a driver worthy of their ultimate driving machine tagline," said DnA Golf CEO Howard Lindsay.

That has evolved into putting it on other corporate logos and the Oregon Ducks are the first NCAA licensed driver. Lindsay is confident it'll be a hit with Duck fans.

"People feel bonded whether it's to the Oregon Ducks, BMW or we're also the official driver of the NBA," Lindsay said. "So if you're connected to a brand or your company or a logo, you all of the sudden are part of that driver and people feel pretty good about that. The technology is just the gravy."

With the club, the face of the driver comes off and is replaced by a thinner face that allows you to hit the ball further.

While Lindsay's Hybrex club shafts are used by more than two-dozen PGA tour players, they don't use the driver. The high performance club is not necessarily USGA conforming.

"We want to resonate with the people who are trying to have fun," Lindsay said.

This is not an inexpensive club. It retails at $395.

If the Ducks beat Auburn Monday night in the BCS championship game, DnA Golf will offer a limited edition 2011 National Championship version of the driver.