Cowboy Church celebrates love - and chili

Cowboy Church celebrates love - and chili

JUNCTION CITY, Ore. - Valentine’s Day meant two things for local cowboys this year: romance - and chili.

Both were out in full force last Saturday as The Cowboy Church of Oregon held its annual Valentine’s Day talent show and chili cookoff at Christ’s Center Church in Junction City.

The cookoff featured seven varieties of chili. The winning recipe came from Jimmie Morgan.

“Well, actually it was an old hand-me-down recipe that’s been in our family for several hundred years, probably,” Morgan said.

The talent show featured musical performances and comedy skits, including one parodying a chef cooking chili.

After the talent show, the crowd of more than 50 heard a brief sermon on love and relationships from Pastor Tom Crabb

“God wants relationships to be fresh, he wants them to stay hot, he doesn’t desire for relationships to grow stale and boring,” Crabb said before leading the group in a prayer.

Dancing and a performance on piano by Morgan followed the sermon.

Crabb describes his church as catering to a slightly different clientele.

“The Cowboy Church is just a different flavor of Christianity,” Crabb said. “It’s in a cow barn, that’s kind of a neutral space, where people can come that feel uncomfortable in a traditional church.”

The Cowboy Church holds its weekly service Tuesdays at 7 p.m. in the Eugene Livestock Auction Barn on Highway 99 north of Eugene. >>> Video | Photo Gallery