Death Row: 5 from Lane County among 34 sentenced to die

Death Row: 5 from Lane County among 34 sentenced to die

EUGENE, Ore. - If Angela McAnulty is sentenced to death and eventually executed, she would be the first woman executed in Oregon history.

She would not be the first woman on death row, however. Jeannace Freeman was 20 years old when she murdered her female lover's young son by throwing him off a bridge in Jefferson County, Ore. She was sentenced to die for the crime.

But Oregon voters repealed the death penalty Nov. 3, 1964. On Nov. 5, then-Gov. Mark Hatfield commuted the death sentences of three people, including Freeman, to life in prison.

Oregon re-instated the death penalty in 1984 but didn't carry out the first execution in decades until 1996.

If sentenced to die, McAnulty would join 34 inmates already on death row in Salem awaiting execution or the outcome of appeals.

All 34 are men convicted of aggravated murder.

Five of the killers committed their crimes in Lane County.

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Oregon hasn't carried out an execution since 1997 when the state lethally injected Harry Charles Moore of Salem for killing his half-sister and her ex-husband.