Jury: Death sentence for mom who tortured teen daughter to death

Jury: Death sentence for mom who tortured teen daughter to death »Play Video
Angela McAnulty in court Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011.

EUGENE, Ore. -- A mother who admitted murdering her teenage daughter by torturing her to death over the course of several years will be the first woman sentenced to die in Oregon since the state brought back the death penalty in 1984.

Angela McAnulty sat and stared after learning the 8 men and 4 women on the jury had condemned her to die for pleading guilty to the aggravated murder of her 15-year-old daughter, Jeanette Maples.

The courtroom was packed, both with people who were part of the trial and judges and the district attorney.

The court appeared to be under extra security compared to the previous 2 1/2 weeks of testimony in the sentencing phase of the murder trial.

The convicted child killer's stoic demeanor upon hearing the verdict contrasts with the crying, wailing figure who didn't want to hear testimony from the paramedics who tried to kindle a spark of life from McAnulty's daughter's savaged body - although she told the jury she was at peace with their decision.

The jury - and McAnulty - sat through hours of videos of police interviews as part of the prosecution's case for death.

McAnulty initially denied doing anything wrong, and later pleaded not guilty.

She changed her plea to guilty on the first day of her criminal trial.