How much does death row cost?

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EUGENE, Ore. - A Lane County jury sentenced Angela McAnulty to die for killing her teenage daughter, Jeanette Maples.

McAnulty pleaded guilty to aggravated murder in the case.

It could be years before she faces execution, however.

The case is automatically appealed to a higher court, and the district attorney cautioned the public to be patient.

"It is a hugely significant verdict," Lane County District Attorney Alex Gardner said, "but we should understand that nothing is going to happen soon."

KVAL News received several inquiries asking how much it costs to keep someone on death row.

Jeanine Hohn at the Oregon Department of Corrections said incarcerating a death row inmate costs about the same as any other inmate: $30,800.

The greater costs come from the appeals process.

Former Willamette University law professor and death penalty opponent Bill Long estimates the legal process costs between $1.3 million and $6 million per case, depedning on the number and length of the appeals.

Long said a death penalty case takes anywhere from 25 to 45 years to run through the appeals process.