'Droopy Drawers Bandit' wanted for smash-and-grab

'Droopy Drawers Bandit' wanted for smash-and-grab

SALEM, Ore - Police are on the lookout for a robber they have dubbed the "Droopy Drawers Bandit."

The man is wanted in connection with a robbery that happened just after 3:30 a.m. Thursday at the US Market located at 2096 State Street.

According to police, the man used a car door (just the door - no car) to smash a hole in the store's front glass door.

He then ran inside and grabbed beer and cigarettes.

The suspect was dubbed the "Droopy Drawers Bandit" because at one point his pants nearly fell down, revealing bright red shorts.

When police arrived, they found a considerable amount of blood at the scene, which led them to believe the man had cut himself while breaking in.