Lorane Elementary set to close ... for now

Lorane Elementary set to close ... for now

LORANE, Ore. -- The Crow-Applegate-Lorane School Board voted this week to close Lorane Elementary for the 2011-12 school year.

The closure, however, is not necessarily permanent.

Superintendent Susan Nakaba said the school will be re-examined next year. If funding allows, and the population of that area necessitates it, the school could re-open.

Students and teachers at Lorane Elementary will move to Applegate Elementary next year, and Nakaba said teacher cuts are unlikely. Nakaba said with more teachers and students in the Applegate building, the school will be able to have single-grade classrooms. 

"As sad and as hard as it is, there's some exciting things about it also," said Nakaba.

Moving Lorane students and staff to Applegate will save the district about $250,000, or roughly half the $500,000 budget gap the district is facing for next year.

"We're like everywhere else: we're as lean as we could get out here," said Nakaba. "We're in our third year of this, of freezes, of cuts, and like everyone else, we're out of places to go for money."