'I just broke into a house, and the owner came home'

'I just broke into a house, and the owner came home' »Play Video
Timothy James Chapek

PORTLAND, Ore. - The Portland Police Bureau report sums the incident up in a sentence as "Homeowner finds transient in her shower upon returning home."

The 911 tapes tell a more detailed tale.

Operator: "911."

Man: "I just broke into a house, and the owner came home."

Operator: "Y-you broke into a house?"


"Where at?"

"I don't know."

"OK, so, are you still there?"

"Yeah. I think they've got a gun."

Dogs can be heard barking in the background. The man stops responding to the operator - but replies when a woman's voice calls out to him.

"Why are you in my house?" a woman's voice calls out.

"I broke in."

'Looks like we already have a call'

Operator: "911."

Homeowner: "I have an intruder in my house. My cats are inside. I took my dogs and my daughter out. He's in the bathroom."

Operator: "Looks like we already have a call, somebody else is calling on it."

Homeowner: "He said he broke in and he was kidnapped and he was taking a shower."

"OK. We already have lots of officers driving there.".

"I got my daughter out, the cats are inside, the chickens are inside and my dog's on the porch with me."

"Did he sound like he was high or drunk?"

"Well, he's obviously nuts ..."

When officers arrived, Timothy James Chapek, 24, came out of the bathroom and surrendered without incident. He was booked for investigation of trespassing.