Art Robinson vs. Oregon State: 'I don’t have definitive proof'

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CORVALLIS, Ore. -- Congressional candidate Art Robinson has launched a campaign against Oregon State University on allegations of conspiring against his three children who are all candidates for advanced degrees in the Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics.

Robinson recently launched a website and wrote an article saying the university is actively making moves to block his children Joshua, Bethany and Matthew Robinson from achieving PhD degrees.

OSU issued statements on Monday and Tuesday in response to Robinson’s campaign against the university, saying the “attacks by Art Robinson are baseless, false and without merit.”

According to OSU records, all three Robinson children are registered students.

A university spokesman said they could not release any additional information due to federal privacy laws.

Robinson told KVAL News that the university has made moves toward expelling two of this children and fears they are also conspiring to expel the third.

On a recently created website,, Robinson said “in retribution for my running against liberal socialist Peter DeFazio in the Oregon District 4 congressional election, DeFazio supporters at Democrat stronghold Oregon State University are trying to prevent three of my children from receiving their PhD degrees in nuclear engineering at OSU.”

DeFazio issued a statement on Monday through his spokeswoman noting DeFazio’s delivery of tens of millions of dollars for universities across the state including University of Oregon, OSU, Portland State University and Oregon Institute of Technology, along with the five community colleges in Southwest Oregon.

“Whatever academic issues Mr. Robinson’s children are having with OSU, they have nothing to do with Congressman DeFazio’s advocacy for these institutions,” said spokeswoman Jen Gilbreath.

Robinson said OSU professor Jack Higginbotham warned the family that faculty administrators at OSU were working to make certain that the Robinson children do not achieve their degrees. Robinson said he raised his concerns with the university in November and that he decided it was time to put pressure on the administration. 

“It’s political. I made a very strong campaign against a very prominent liberal Democrat during the election,” said Robinson. “After three months of trying to stop them within the university we informed the public.”

Robinson said OSU is a DeFazio stronghold although DeFazio holds a congressional seat for the Fourth House District. The university and Corvallis are within the Fifth House district.

Robinson said OSU receives millions of dollars under Democratic influence.

The university is speaking out against the accusations.

In a statement issued Tuesday the university acknowledged Robinson’s campaign alleging that OSU is engaging in “political payback,” but said that the “allegations of political influence are baseless and false.”

“Since Mr. Robinson began making these claims last fall, university leadership has had ample opportunity to look into them through the Office of the Provost, the Graduate School and the Office of the Dean of the College of Engineering, and can say, categorically, that the allegations and attacks are unfounded and without merit,” said OSU communication officials in the statement.

OSU representatives said that Robinson has “engaged in a pattern of inflammatory and reckless communication riddled with inaccuracies” despite the university giving the matter much ongoing attention.

KVAL News asked Robinson what proof he has of the university discriminating against his children.

“I don’t have definitive proof," Robinson said. "That is what I believe. Basically, I know what happened. I cannot tell you the motives of the people doing it.”