Fred Meyer scores best in review of proposals for Civic Stadium

Fred Meyer scores best in review of proposals for Civic Stadium »Play Video
An artist rendering of the proposed retail development.

EUGENE, Ore. - A proposal to build new retail and housing on the site of Eugene Civic Stadium scored best in a review of offers for the land owned by the Eugene 4J School District.

The plan from Master Development LLC and Powell Development Co. of Eugene, Ore., scored 85.2 out of 100 points possible in an evaluation by the school district staff. The proposal calls for removing the stadium from the National Register of Historic Places and demolishing the existing structure.

Master wants to build a 100,000 square foot Fred Meyer on the south end of the property. The project would also include apartments. Fred Meyer representatives said the store would be much smaller than the one on West 11th.

The proposals were evaluated based upon revenue (50 pts), additional benefit to school district 4J (20 pts), community benefit (20 pts), and preservation of the stadium (10 pts).

A proposal by the Eugene YMCA to remove the stadium and build a new Y facility scored 74.3 points.

In response to the preliminary point totals as tabulated by the Civic Site Review Committee, the YMCA offered the following comment:

“The Y remains confident that our offer to 4J provides significant financial revenue that is in close competition with the other proposal under consideration. Our cash payment is within 8% of their offer and we feel our ground lease offer represents a competitive option, as well.
“What remains, then, are the other considerations as outlined in 4J’s Request for Proposals: Community Benefit and Benefits to the kids, families and staff of 4J. We are steadfast in our belief that our proposal is unmatched in qualities that deliver these benefits to the kids, families, adults and seniors of our community.
“With the proposals’ financial returns to the district so closely competitive with one another, we trust that the School Board will consider the benefits to our community’s health and livability as the factors that determine the future of this site and its neighborhood.”

Scores closer for cash sale

The two high scores both came for the proposals if the district leased the land for re-development. If the district sells the land for cash, the scores come much closer: 68.5 for the Master plan and 67.3 for the YMCA.

All of those redevelopment options scored ahead of the Save Civic Stadium proposal, which calls for leasing the land and rehabilitating the facility for use as a multi-sport venue. That plan scored 42.5 out of 100. | More background about the proposals

The school board will review the list and may ask the groups to make live presentations to the board.

School district staff has proposed having the board meeting April 6 to discuss the proposals and decide whether or not to seek live presentations. Live presentations would tentatively be delivered April 13.

Because Oregon law allows government bodies to meet in executive session without the public present to discuss real estate transactions, much of that discussion will take place behind closed doors. The board must meet in public to cast a vote on what to do with Civic Stadium, however.

The board next meets Wednesday, March 16. | Agenda