Sewing for tsunami victims: 'She's got a servant's heart'

Sewing for tsunami victims: 'She's got a servant's heart' »Play Video

CRESWELL, Ore. - Stitch by stitch, pieces of fabric are sewn together.

"I love sewing," said 8-year-old Abby Hoggard.

And that love of sewing has turned into a labor of love for victims of Japan's devastating earthquake and tsunami.

"My dad was watching the news and I saw all the video clips and I wanted to help and donate some money but I had no money to donate," said Hoggard.

The Girl Scout leapt into action, collecting fabric donations and enlisting the help of her troop to sew and sell over 100 tote bags.

"She's got a servants heart," said her mom Mandy. "She's always looking for things she can do for people."

Mom and daughter said word about the bags has spread so quickly, they can barely keep up with the demand.

"I'm getting ready to ship one off to Alaska today," said Mandy, "and we've got some of them shipping off to Kentucky tomorrow."

Fifteen bags have been sold in just one week, with the money going directly to the Girl Scouts of Japan.
The troop even made a Facebook page to let people know what they're doing.

"Fifteen people, just since last night, have said, yeah, we're fans," said Mandy.

Even though she's an ocean away from the devastation, Abby said she'll keep sewing as long as there's a need.

"It just makes me feel really good, because I want to do the right thing and help out and not just slack off," she said.

Mandy said it's a valuable life lesson for all the girls.

"I know she's going to remember this, I know they're all going to remember this."

Mandy said they're always looking for more fabric donations.
To find out how to donate or to get more information, go to your Facebook and search for "Tsunami Totes."