Gallery: Duck and Beaver legal woes that made headlines

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Kiko Alonso pleads guilty
  • Drunk OSU football player urinates on woman's computer
  • Former QB accused in golf cart escapade
  • Backup QB arrested at party
  • Haines gets deferred prosecution and a fine
  • Kiko Alonso arrested, suspended
  • Kiko Alonso pleads guilty
  • Cliff Harris cited - and suspended
Kiko Alonso pleads guilty
Judge Maurice Merten sentenced Kiko Alonso, 20, to two years probation, 200 hour community service and intensive alcohol treatment after the football player pleaded guilty to criminal mischief and criminal trespass. The deputies who arrested Alonso originally jailed him on charges of felony burglary, but prosecutors said there wasn't enough evidence to support the charge. Burglary charges were never formally filed against Alonso.