Gallery: Duck and Beaver legal woes that made headlines

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Rob Beard: From victim to perp
  • Jeremiah Masoli
  • Duck fans steal Lee Corso's face
  • Duck fan burns Reser Field
  • Rob Beard: From victim to perp
  • Matt Simms: Accused of retaliating
  • Kiko Alonso out for season
  • Beaver QB booted after DUI on Lake Shasta
Rob Beard: From victim to perp
Clutch kicker Rob Beard missed the first game of the 2010 season after some off season trouble. When the news first broke in January 2010, police said University of Oregon football player Rob Beard was beaten unconscious and hospitalized after coming to the aid of one of his teammates in a street brawl near campus was the victim. Then the story started to twist: police arrested a teammate and said he went after a man in what police described as retaliation for the attack that put Beard in the hospital. Beard would later be charged with thowing a 90-pound 19-year-old girl to the ground prior to being beaten. Beard pleaded guilty to lesser charges, as did the two men -- Kirby Hawkins and Maurice Peterson -- accused of knocking Beard to the ground and kicking him into unconsciousness. "This is sort of a consequence of several guys being extremely intoxicated," District Attorney Alex Gardner said, "and frankly acting like idiots."