Gallery: Duck and Beaver legal woes that made headlines

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Matt Simms: Accused of retaliating
  • Duck fans steal Lee Corso's face
  • Duck fan burns Reser Field
  • Rob Beard: From victim to perp
  • Matt Simms: Accused of retaliating
  • Kiko Alonso out for season
  • Beaver QB booted after DUI on Lake Shasta
  • Drunk OSU football player urinates on woman's computer
Matt Simms: Accused of retaliating
Matt Simms faced misdemeanor assault charges in connection with an incident police described as retaliation for an attack on UO kicker Rob Beard. Police said the man Simms was accused of assaulting was not involved in the attack on Beard. Simms pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of harrassment and was ordered to perform 40 hours of community service. Days after his arrest, Simms was released from the football team for violating unspecified team rules.