Robinson rally at OSU attracts counter protest

Robinson rally at OSU attracts counter protest »Play Video
Art Robinson

CORVALLIS, Ore. - A candidate for Congress is continuing his battle against Oregon State University with some help from the Linn County Republicans.

Art Robinson lost a Congressional race against Rep. Peter DeFazio last year. He said he is running again in 2012.

On campus Wednesday, Robinson elaborated on his allegations that OSU is trying to expel his kids from the school as political payback.

Oregon State has called the claims without merit. When KVAL News asked earlier this year for proof of his allegations, Robinson said he had none.

On Wednesday, Robinson provided KVAL News with this typewritten narrative of what he claims has been going on.

He continues to claim faculty members have tried to deny the Robinson children the degrees they've worked years to achieve.

"The university has a hierarchy of administrators that watch for things like this and don't let them happen," Robinson said. "In this case they have failed, the dean over it didn't stop them, the president refused to speak to anybody on our side of the issue and just let them go ahead."

Students in the nuclear and radiation physics department came out in support of their professors on Wednesday. Students and faculty members say Robinson has made claims about OSU that are not true.

"Mr. Robinson began making claims that his adult children that are students here were on the verge of being expelled from the University" and that a professor sympathetic to them was on the verge of being fired, said Todd Simmons, an Oregon State spokesperson. "Here we are almost a month and a half, nearly two months later after the fact and neither one of those things of course has come to pass."

The Robinson children weren't at the rally to answer whether or not the claims their father is making are true.

Oregon State could not go into detail about the Robinson children's academic standing because of federal privacy laws.

However, if the children sign off, their academic records can be released to the media and reviewed for proof of Robinson's claims. So far, that has not happened. 

The children have not responded to past requests for interviews.