Elephants gearing up for wine release party

Elephants gearing up for wine release party

WINSTON, Ore. -- The elephants at the Wildlife Safari are training up for their big show at next month's wine release party.

Back in October, George the elephant stomped some of the grapes used to make the wine from Reustle Prayer Rock Vineyards.

The Riesling is bottled and ready for it's release on May 20 at the park.

Besides a good time, trainers see it as a great opportunity for people to learn about the animals.

"Having people meet them up close and in person is the opportunity that is really going to connect people with these animals, and really make them passionate about protecting these species in the wild," said senior elephant trainer Katie Alayan.

Part of the proceeds from the wine will go to conservation programs.

Park officials also see the release party as a great combination of major businesses in the area.

Dan Van Slyke, the Executive Director at the park, told KPIC News, "The wine industry is a relatively new thing in our area and it has really taken off. We just have a perfect partnership. We, along with the wine industries are tourist destinations."

Alice and George have been practicing for the show and have been putting a personal touch to some of the items that will be given to guests at the party.

There is only a limited amount of wine, and tickets for the event are $50.

For more information, you can contact the Wildlife Safari.