Looking for work? Try a temp agency

Looking for work? Try a temp agency

EUGENE, Ore. - Benjamin Zamojski moved to Oregon a year and a half ago from the Midwest. The recent college graduate didn't have a job, so he turned to temp agency Express Employment Professionals in Eugene.

Since starting at Express, Zamojski hass worked in everything from construction to advertising to railroad work.

"I was dabbling in a little bit of everything," he said.

Employment experts estimate about 50 percent of temporary jobs turn into full-time work.
Express operations manager Andrew Simila said there are plenty of jobs to dabble in right now. Their temp business is up 50 percent from last year, meaning more companies are turning to temp agencies to find workers.

But do temp jobs just lead educated workers like Zamojski down a path of low paying jobs?

"One of the things as far as the ethical part of the staffing industry is that we have to know from the client company what it is that they would pay an individual for this type of position," Simila said.

Temp jobs pay from minimum wage up to executive-level pay.

Employment analysts at WorkSource Lane said that in this economy, showing work experience and collecting a paycheck is important, even if you're not earning up to your potential.

Zamojski recently started temping for a non-profit that serves people with addictions and mental health disabilities. He calls it his dream job - and hopes to see the job turn into a full-time career.

"I work with a great staff of people," he said. "I seem to fit in nicely."