Citizens rally around dog on death row

Citizens rally around dog on death row

ALBANY, Ore. - Signature by signature, a group of citizens has rallied around Blue the dog.

Since September, Blue has been in a cage at the dog pound after biting a toddler. The bite required stitches - and under Albany's City Code, that constitutes a death sentence.

But Blue's owner said the dog was provoked and the hearing before a judge was unfair. He is fighting the dog's death sentence by suing the city.

"I couldn't live with myself if he is put down for something he didn't do," Richard Raymond told KVAL News.

As Blue's case has moved through the court system, a group of Albany citizens has also taken up the cause.

On Wednesday night at City Hall, they planned to fight for Blue one more time by presenting a petition to the City Council. The 800 citizens who signed hope for a settlement in the case or a change to Albany's city code on dangerous dogs.

"The dog's been in a cage for eight months when this could have been settled months ago," said Cherie Holverson of Albany.

The City of Albany wouldn't comment on the case because it's in the courts. The City of Albany's attorney had not returned calls for comment as of 4 p.m. Wednesday.
Blue's supporters said they want a decision so the dog doesn't spend another eight months in a cage.

"They just keep putting it onto this person or that person," Halverson said, "putting the blame somewhere else instead of taking responsibility, making a decision, and doing something about it. This is not a vicious dog."