'Snakes are a big issue'

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ALBANY, Ore --- The Mississippi river is flowing towards the Gulf of Mexico, but not without leaving a path of destruction behind. Homes are under water, businesses are shut down and people are displaced.

The crest of the Mississippi has moved past Memphis Tennessee but Memphis native William Arnold said the area is still dangerous. 

“It literally looks like entire communities are just gonna disappear,” said Arnold.

Arnold moved to Oregon a year ago but still has family in friends in Tennessee and Mississippi. Friends have been sending him pictures of the flooded region but he said he can barely recognize the area. 

“I look at some of the photographs that my friends have sent me and it just blows me away. I couldn't believe what I was seeing because in my mind I could see these roads like I’m driving down them,” said Arnold.

He said when he lived there he didn’t have flood insurance and suspects many of those affected by the latest flood disaster don’t either. But the flooding isn't the only problem. Arnold said people are wading through murky and contaminated water to get around town. 
“Snakes are a big issue. The cottonmouth and the pit vipers these are poisonous,” said Arnold.

While he may be away from the south he said seeing the devastation there still hits home.

“It just reminds you of the fact that nature has a way of waking you up real quick,” said Arnold.