Spring rain isn't record-breaking, "It's just relentless"

Spring rain isn't record-breaking, "It's just relentless" »Play Video

EUGENE, Ore.--Sunshine, showers, fog and hail are all elements you’re bound to experience during spring in Oregon.

Christie Hoogendoorn, doesn’t necessarily like all the rain, but does appreciate the lack of time she’s had to spend watering plants this spring.

“I think we forget about it every year.” But she never expected come June 1st, her and her daughter would be dodging drizzle three weeks from summer.

The National Weather Service says that despite the Spring Showers, May rainfall has actually been relatively normal.

In reality, Eugene only recorded 2.63” of rain in May, just 0.03” under the normal May rainfall, 2.66”. 

Deputy Director Kathie Dello at the Oregon Climate Service at Oregon State University says it’s not record-breaking, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a nuisance.

“The rain that were getting isn't exactly daily records,” said Dello. “It's just relentless, day after day.”

While the rainfall may be average, “We’re in a strong La Niña year and that affects the Pacific Northwest Spring,” said Dello. “It sends the storm track right over our area.”

But temperatures this year have indeed been cooler.

The average high temperature the Month of May should be nearly 67 degrees. This month temperatures have averaged about five degrees cooler.

Either way, the squeaky slides and wet play equipment won’t keep some little summer-seekers hiding under playground equipment cover long.

“Rain doesn't make a difference,” Jack O’Bryant said chasing around his grandson at a Eugene park. “He doesn't mind being wet.”

Still Brandon's grandpa says enough is enough.

“If you’re not up to your ankles in mud, they think your having a drought,” said O’Bryant. “Actually I can’t even mow the grass [the mud is] so deep. I would like it to go away for awhile.“