Search for Roseburg teen scaled back

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Drake Wallace, 18, in a photo from Facebook. Wallace is presumed drowned after vanishing in the Umpqua River while he was swimming with friends.

UMPQUA, Ore. -- Searchers have scaled back their efforts to find a Roseburg teenager that disappeared in the Umpqua River on Sunday afternoon.

Drake Wallace, 18, is presumed drowned after he tried to swim across the river with some friends. The incident occurred near Umpqua, about 11 miles northwest of Roseburg.

Divers went into the water Monday where Wallace disappeared in swirling rapids and rocks, but officials say there was no sign of him.

Tuesday they went through the area on a boat, doing a visual search along the shores to see if they might find anything.

Searchers say the water is cold and fast with lots of rocks in the area. They say when Wallace went under, he was probably held down by the tremendous force of the water.