$10 bikini top sparks vigorous debate

$10 bikini top sparks vigorous debate »Play Video
Sandy McMillin said store employees asked her to leave when she showed up on a hot day wearing this outfit. The store disputes her account of the incident.

EUGENE, Ore. - Sandy McMillin spent less than ten bucks on the bikini that she says got her kicked out of Walmart on Sunday.

The teeny turquoise top triggered a huge response from the community - and all over the world.

As soon as the story aired on TV and appeared online, viewers wanted to weigh in.

People e-mailed KVAL News from New Jersey, Ohio, Arkansas and even England.

KVAL.com saw thousands of hits to the story multiply into tens of thousands. The same story racked up well over 100,000 pageviews on KOMONews.com in Seattle in the first day alone.

The comments poured in on the KVAL Facebook page.

One man felt moved to call the newsroom from Chicago.

"Last I checked there wasn't any swimming pools in Walmart," Joe Johnson told KVAL News after he saw the story on AOL. "Some people have lost touch with a certain level of decency."

Reactions varied.

Most emails and online comments were harsh and unsympathetic, if not inappropriate for a civil discourse.

KVAL News showed a picture of McMillin in the outfit to people walking into the Post Office on River Road.

These citizens on the street were more sympathetic.
"If you are going to discriminate somebody because she's got a bathing suit on the top, I think that's kind of ridiculous," said Gary Jenkins.

So what really happened to McMillin at Walmart? She tells one story, the store tells another.

But we do know her $10 turquoise top definitely stirred the pot.