Recall campaign targets Coburg mayor

Recall campaign targets Coburg mayor

COBURG, Ore. - A petition filed with the city Monday morning seeks a recall election against the small town's mayor.

Chalmers Blatch is listed as the chief petitioner on the form filed with the City of Coburg on Monday morning.

City Recorder Sammy Egbert said still has to verify with elections officials how the process proceeds from here but said petitioners need 74 signatures from registered voters who live in Coburg to trigger a recall election against Mayor Judith Volta.

"I have been informed that a recall petition has been filed, but I have not seen the petition," Volta said Monday. "I am surprised by the petition, but other than saying that I have been proud and happy to serve all the citizens of Coburg as Mayor for over nine years, I cannot comment on the fact that a recall petition has been filed."

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