Harrington: 'I plan on swimming for a while. There are no cars in the pool'

Harrington: 'I plan on swimming for a while. There are no cars in the pool'

PORTLAND, Ore. - Joey Harrington said his collision with an SUV on his bike was worse than any beating he ever took on the football field.

"Play 15 years of football, never break a bone, and then I'm on a bike ride and end up in the ICU," the former Duck quarterback said.

He looks fine now.

"All the road rash is pretty much gone," he said.

Harrington was riding home two weeks ago on southeast Foster Road near 88th Avenue when a driver didn't see him and clipped his back wheel.

Harrington landed on the hood of the SUV and went airborne as the rig came to a stop.

"It wasn't until I was, you know, mid-air that I realized that was me that just got hit," Harrington said.

Harrington landed on his head and shoulder, breaking his collarbone and a couple ribs, one of which punctured a lung.

His helmet probably saved his life.

"I got home and saw my helmet," Harrington said. "I felt pretty lucky after seeing what could've happened."

And after seeing more accidents on the news lately between bikes and cars, Harrington wants to share what he knows first-hand about helmets.

He has teamed up with helmet maker Nutcase to provide free helmets to kids who can't afford them.        

As for cycling, Harrington said he will get back on a bike - just not right away.

"I plan on swimming for a while," he said. "There are no cars in the pool."