Pac-12 bans Duck Lips from Autzen

Pac-12 bans Duck Lips from Autzen »Play Video
Duck Lips pulled from the shelves of the Oregon Duck Store

EUGENE, Ore. - Autzen Stadium has gained fame as home to some of the loudest fans in college football.

"One of the reasons it makes it very difficult to schedule teams coming in to Autzen Stadium," said Dave Williford with the University of Oregon athletic department.

Fans use their pipes to propel their team with cheers - and pummel opponents with jeers.

And they use their lips - yellow plastic Duck Lips - as a noisemaker to fill the air with an audible buzz of excitement.

Now the Pac-12 is cracking down on the tradition. Williford said the conference is expanding a rule created by the Pac-10 banning all artificial noisemakers at conference venues.

Until this year, the rule did not include Duck Lips.

"Fans can still use them in the parking lots and tailgates and outside the stadium and that sort of thing," Williford said.

The product will still be available for sale at the Duck Store, but not on game days. Other retailers like Hirons sell the product, too.

Duck fans told KVAL News the new rule takes away part of Autzen's charm.

"That's blasphemy because you need those," said Lisa Cordial, a sophomore at Oregon. "I have, like, four easily. And I've given them to my friends all up and down the coast and stuff. Everyone loves them."

Fans predicted the new rule would create new problems for stadium officials.

"If we don't have those things," said Alex Namhie, a senior, "they are going to say inappropriate things or they are going to do another thing or they are going to come in with their own noisemaker device."

Bottom line: These fans don't think the rule would halt the Duck Lips.

"It doesn't stop everyone else," Namhie said, "from bringing anything else."