How do you move 4,000 freshmen into dorms in one day?

How do you move 4,000 freshmen into dorms in one day? »Play Video
The University of Oregon welcomes thousands of students back to campus Thursday. Classes start next week.

EUGENE, Ore. - How do you move thousands of freshmen into one campus in one day?

That's the dilemma facing the University of Oregon as Thursday's move-in day approaches.

"I'm happy to be here and to be ready," freshman Drew Millson told KVAL News. "I'm ready to move in."

So are the other 4,000 incoming freshman. The students, their families and all their stuff can easily cause a backup on campus on move-in day.

That's why the University is changing things up this year.

"Depending on what your ZIP code is, that depends what time you're assigned to check in," said Kelly McIver, marketing manager for the University's housing department.
Students will be checking into the dorms in two-hour blocks according to their home ZIP code. Families get 30-minutes to unload the car.

Once unloaded, parents can go park Autzen Stadium and take a shuttle back to campus.
"After doing the quick temporary parking that lets them unload, take it up to their room, get their room keys, when that's done - they need to move out of the spaces," McIver said.

Also new this year: once students arrive on campus, they'll be greeted by faculty, staff and community members in a new program called "Unpack the Quack." The program is intended to welcome new students to the University while helping them move-in. 

For California native Millson, it's a comforting feeling.

"I think its great that our community is going around and helping each other out," she said.

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