Ball of light spotted over Oregon

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Chad Barczak's 8-year-old son took a picture of the sky and made an illustration of what he saw. The yellow orb is the moon; the green object is how large the flash appeared in the sky to the boy.

EUGENE, Ore. — A ball of light in the Wednesday night sky was reported by residents from Corvallis to Bend to Roseburg and points between. >>> Did you see it?

It was not the old NASA research satellite which isn't expected to fall to earth until Friday, The Associated Press reported.

"More likely than not a meteor, could be a bit of space junk," Susan Peterson, planetarium director at the Science Factory, told KVAL News. "A meteor not much bigger than basketball can make a very bright light in the sky."

People across Western Oregon told KVAL News that they saw the bright flash.

"Glad to see you guys posted this," Chad Barczak wrote to KVAL News. "My son (8 years old) saw it last night, and he was quite excited about it, so much so he drew it out for me on his iPad. Apparently it was pretty large. I turned around just in time to miss the whole thing. He was worried that I didn’t believe him, so we went online to search it out and found a few random comments about it on twitter, etc. We initially thought it might have been the NASA satellite, but it turns out it was probably a meteor?  Would love to know!"

He's not alone.

"We were at PK Park watching the youth fall baseball clinic," said Bill Townsend. "CJ said it was a big ball of light - looked like a big shooting star with a tail on it.  He made a wish and went on talking."

"My wife and I saw that light from our back patio at about that time in Corvallis, Ore.," said Kevin Wheeler.

"My husband son and I were at River Forks Park in Roseburg and saw a very bright white then red then green ball of light in the sky," Debbie Garrett said.

"At or around 8:15 last night, I was driving westbound on Beltline coming up on the curve to head south at the Highway 99 exit," said James Shelton. "Saw a flash and then a ball of blue/green light flash with a trail behind it. Burnt out quickly.  More than likley was a meteor or space debris falling.  It was bright though. Definitely NOT a UFO."
"Me and a friend saw the green light that was streaking towards the coast, we were driving down Irvington Drive after church and we were just looking forward and all of a sudden we saw it," said James Boone. "I thought it was just fireworks until this morning when I checked the KVAL website."

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