Albany couple to compete on 'The Amazing Race'

Albany couple to compete on 'The Amazing Race'

ALBANY, Ore. -- An Albany couple will compete on season 19 of "The Amazing Race."

Bill and Cathi Alden are native Oregonians. They're parents, grandparents and true adventurers at heart. They've cycled through Eastern Europe three times and they train every week for triathlons.

The Aldens prepared for the adventure and left Oregon to film the show a few months ago. They couldn't tell anyone they were selected for 'The Amazing Race.' They say the experience was one of the more nerve-wrecking travel experiences of their lives.

They say it was a great experience, and they're looking forward to watching the premiere episode at their home in Albany.

The Amazing Race Season 19 debuts Sunday night at 8 p.m. on KVAL.

"I learned to scuba dive at 58 so I could dive with the rest of the family," said 62-year-old Cathi Alden.

There's one thing that wasn't checked off their bucket list: auditioning for The Amazing Race.

"Three years ago we were sitting there watching it and I said to Bill 'I can take rejection but I cant take not trying. Are you in for it?'" said Cathi Alden.

They put together a tape and sent it to the casting directors. "We were coming home from somewhere and Cathi's on the phone with someone and she gets off and she says 'They're interested in us' and of course my heart sank," said 63-year-old Bill Alden.

"Your stomach has a knot because you never have time to process or think, back away because you see other teams moving past you," said Cathi Alden.

With cameras around all the time, it was a bit of a change. "You don’t have private time. Everything is public. If you wanna have a disagreement, you want to have it privately but you can’t," said Cathi Alden